Circa Waves: ‘We are the future’ of Glastonbury headliners

The band spoke of their ambitions ahead of a slot on the Other Stage this afternoon

Circa Waves have spoken about their ambitions to headline Glastonbury ahead of their slot this afternoon.

The Liverpool four-piece are due to perform on the Other Stage at 3pm this afternoon (June 22) and warmed up for the set by discussing their aims to move up the bill in later years.

“I don’t think we’re gonna jump straight to headline after this,” frontman Kieran Shudall said. “But we sort of set our stall out today and say ‘We are the future’. Invest in us. We’ll see, I think we’ll smash it. I’m optimistic.”


The band played a secret set at William’s Green last night (June 23), which they said had left them feeling underprepared for playing on such a big stage. “I’m prepared to play to a small crowd now,” Shudall said. “Now I’ve got to go and play in front of the Other Stage!”

Circa Waves future
Circa Waves backstage at Glastonbury

PVRIS‘ Lynn Gunn recently guested on a new version of recent single ‘Fire That Burns’. “We just keep asking loads of people and if anyone says yes, we just do that,” Shudall joked. “Her voice is awesome voice so we just tweeted her and she was up for it, so it was easy really. I think collaborations in guitar music is really interesting cos it doesn’t happen that often and it’s something that hip-hop and grime do really well.”

Speaking of future collaborations, he added: “I love Tame Impala. I’m pushing quite high there.” Guitarist Joe Falconer said: “I think set the bar high and then come down. Start with your Tame Impalas, end up with Chas And Dave.”

“Mate, Chas And Dave are up there. Massively up there. Chas and Dave, if you’re listening,” Shudall replied. Watch the interview in full above.