Circa Waves are opening a free pub to help you escape Brexit, and Wolf Alice and Two Door Cinema Club are DJing

Free drinks include the band's brand new custom beer

Circa Waves are opening a pop-up pub called the ‘Circa Waves Tavern’ from March 19, and hosting a special lock-in for fans to help them escape grim reality as the Brexit negotiations unfold.

If that’s not enough, Theo Ellis of Wolf Alice and Two Door Cinema Club‘s Alex Trimble will be providing DJ sets, NME can exclusively reveal.

The tavern, which takes over The Monarch in Camden, also celebrates the imminent release of the band’s new album ‘What’s It Like Over There?’, which is out on April 24.

Circa Waves will also be DJing and all attending will enjoy free drinks including the band’s own custom beer, with limited edition signed album posters also on offer.

You can sign up to get your hands on tickets for the lock-in on March 19 here.

The band said of the venture: “We’re all bored the doom and gloom of Brexit, so our plan is to go to the pub and wait for it all to blow over. Actually, the plan is to take over an entire pub, filled with people, play some pool, pull some pints, toast the upcoming release of our new record and just forget about everything else.”

A stone’s throw away from the Circa Waves’ tavern, the Liverpool band will also be headlining a show at The Roundhouse on April 26.