Listen to CJ’s ‘Whoopty’ follow-up ‘BOP’

The New York rapper, who is signed to Warner Records, looks set for big things in 2021

CJ has dropped ‘BOP’, the follow-up to his break-out 2020 single ‘Whoopty’ – you can listen to the new track below.

The New York drill rapper rose to fame last year after dropping ‘Whoopty’ in July, with the song – which has been streamed over 203 million times on Spotify – going on to peak at number three in the UK singles chart earlier this month.

CJ, who is now signed to Warner Records, released his ‘Whoopty’ follow-up yesterday (January 26) in the form of ‘BOP’.


Accompanied by a Alex and Tristan Demic-directed video which follows the rapper and his friends in Manhattan, you can hear CJ’s ‘BOP’ below.

Speaking to NME recently, CJ said that he was confident that ‘BOP’ was set to “definitely [be] another New York drill anthem, it’s got that New York feel and vibe”.

“It’s going to be major, so look out for that. I just got to keep the momentum and stay consistent.”

CJ also expressed his delight after Cardi B rapped along to ‘Whoopty’ during an Instagram post back in November.


“It was crazy. I was actually at an event and everybody was tagging me in her videos,” he recalled to NME. “I was confused about what the hell was going on. So when I finally clicked on it and saw, I was like: ‘Woah, that’s major.’ For her to even give me that cosign is amazing, it’s a great feeling.

“She’s reached out basically just embracing me and saying: ‘This song is crazy, keep doing what you gotta do’. We spoke like that briefly. But I’d definitely like to work with her in the future, she’s a super dope artist.”

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