CL on what she would tell her younger self: “Trust your feelings”

She also revealed that her delayed album ‘+ALPHA+’ is finally on the way

South Korean singer-rapper CL has opened up about the advice she would give her younger self if given a chance.

In a recent interview with W Korea, the former 2NE1 member reflected on her extensive career in the K-pop industry and opened up about the difficulties she has had to face. In spite of the setbacks, CL noted that she would still choose the same path if she had the option to go back in time, although she did have some advice for her younger self.

“‘Listen to your own voice’. Wait no, your voice often lies to you,” she told the publication with a laugh, as translated by Soompi“Something like, ‘You can’t work today because you’re too tired.’ I’ll have to say it like this. ‘Trust your feelings’.”


During the interview, CL also also discussed her much-delayed upcoming album ‘+ALPHA+’, which was originally planned to be released in November 2020. The singer shared that she but ultimately chose to push back the record after realising that “there were a lot of things I needed to experience in order to learn”.

“After working with a team I created on my own, there were a lot of new things I learned and discovered. I want to release it sometime in the summer,” she added. “The title of [my] first full-length album is ‘+ALPHA+’. It means ‘start’ as well as ‘Alpha Female’.”

Back in February, CL released a brand-new song dedicated to her late mother titled ‘Wish You Were Here’. In an Instagram post, the K-pop star said she wrote ‘Wish You Were Here’ for her mother and her family, adding that it is also dedicated it to “anyone else who misses a loved one”.

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