CL unveils release roadmap for upcoming solo album ‘ALPHA’

The first single off the album will be released later this month

Singer and former 2NE1 member CL is set to finally kick off the release of her long-awaited debut solo album ‘ALPHA’.

The K-pop veteran recently released a teaser image for the upcoming record, alongside a detailed schedule for its roadmap. Prior to the release of ‘ALPHA’, which is slated to arrive in October, CL will be dropping two singles the first of which comes out on August 24.

Neither CL or her agency Very Cherry have revealed the song’s title nor details about the track, but more information is expected to be released in the coming weeks. The second, as-yet-unnamed single from ‘ALPHA’ is set to drop in September. Side from the roadmap, CL has also launched a brand-new website, which has been updated with art promoting the forthcoming release.


Earlier this week, CL released a cryptic teaser for ‘ALPHA’. It featured the singer standing in front of a projection of an exploding volcano, with sirens blaring in the background. The words “ALPHA” and “coming soon” are then flashed onscreen at the end of the video.

‘ALPHA’ will be CL’s debut full-length album, following her 2019 comeback project ‘In the Name Of Love‘. The record was initially slated for release in November 2020 but was delayed to make room for further improvements.

During an interview with W Korea in June, the singer explained that she postponed the record’s release after realising that “there were a lot of things I needed to experience in order to learn”.

“After working with a team I created on my own, there were a lot of new things I learned and discovered. I want to release it sometime in the summer,” she added. By the end of July, her agency Very Cherry announced that ‘ALPHA’ is slated for release this month. However, an exact release date and further details have yet to be revealed

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