CL discusses preparing for 2NE1’s Coachella reunion “in secret”

The singer also revealed that the group had been “non-stop preparing” for their performance

2NE1’s CL has revealed how the girl group’s recent surprise reunion at Coachella 2022 came together.

On April 16, the K-pop star took to the stage of Coachella as part of Asian-American label 88rising’s ‘Head In The Clouds Forever’ showcase. During her performance, CL surprised the audience by welcoming her 2NE1 bandmates DaraPark Bom and Minzy onstage to perform the quartet’s hit 2009 track ‘I Am The Best’.

In a recent interview with Billboard, CL revealed that while the members had been talking about appearing in Coachella as a group for months, the actual preparations for their performance came together “pretty last-minute.”


“It’s been like two months or more since we started talking about this,” the singer said. “But till like a month ago, we were like, ‘Is this still happening or not?’”

On the topic of preparations for the group’s Coachella performance, CL shared that the group had been “nonstop preparing” for their reunion in secret—even sharing that member Dara kept plans for the reunion hidden from her current management company. “I was like, ‘You guys can’t tell; don’t tell your mom!’ I don’t think Dara told her company,” CL enthused.

“We kept it a secret, so when we were rehearsing, we would go to Minzy’s place because she has the dance studio and it was always at like 10 or 11 p.m when all the classes are done,” CL explained. “It was two weeks prior [in Korea] and then two weeks here [in Los Angeles] to rehearse. So it’s been a journey.”

Aside from the logistics of keeping their reunion a secret, CL briefly talked about the difficulties of coordinating with each member’s agencies in the days leading up to the Coachella performance.

“It’s been awhile, for sure, but it didn’t feel like it,” CL shared. “Then you need to crash into something very real in that all our teams are different and we have to communicate this way. You’re just like, ‘Wow, this is a different situation.’”


Elsewhere in the interview, CL revealed that the group’s decision to perform ‘I Am The Best’ felt like a “no-brainer” for the group. “I don’t think we even talked about it,” the singer said. “We did talk about doing a slow song as well, but I’m happy we didn’t because that’s the song that represents us so well in every way: from the video, the style to the music.”

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