CL says taking a break from music was “the hardest thing”

"I didn’t know how to do it"

CL has shed some light on her hiatus from music, admitting that it was “the hardest thing” she has had to do.

The musician recently spoke to W Magazine about how her break from music, which she took following her solo performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics, had been both rewarding and challenging for her.

“I was working since, I don’t know, 15 or something, constantly,” CL noted, referencing her time as a 2NE1 member since the group’s debut in 2009 and the beginning of her solo career in 2013. “So for me to take some time off, even that was the hardest thing. I didn’t know how to do it.”


She also recalled her reaction to her sudden change in lifestyle during her break, describing it as “unexpected”. “I never went on a trip where I just had days of nothing happening—just resting and eating good food and spending time with family,” she admitted. “It was like a really tense rubber band breaking at once.”

However, now that she has released new material in the form of ‘ALPHA’, the singer-rapper is able to reflect on the merits of her hiatus. “Looking back, I re-programmed myself and allowed myself more layers to perspective in life, my experiences, seeing myself. I needed time for that,” she concluded.

Released yesterday (October 20), CL shared her hopes for her debut studio album ‘ALPHA’ prior to its release, saying she hoped her album would “empower” other idols in K-pop. “[I want them] to be like, ‘Yes, you can continue doing this independently whether you decide to go to another label, however way it is’,” she added.