Danny Brown and Clams Casino unveil new single ‘Worth It’ – listen

Track is part of the Adult Swim Singles programme

Danny Brown has teamed-up with producer Clams Casino on new single ‘Worth It’, the latest release in Adult Swim’s ongoing Singles series that has seen a number of noteworthy artists post free tracks throughout the summer.

The program has already unveiled songs by Owen Pallett, Yung Lean and Peaches, among others, with Run The Jewels, Flying Lotus and the DOOM and Ghostface Killah collaboration project DOOMSTARKS​ still to come. Click below to listen to Brown and Clams Casino’s ‘Worth It’.

Brown was in the UK recently to perform at London’s Lovebox Festival. The rapper severely criticised organisers after the show though, calling the event “fucking trash” and “the worst most unprofessional festival I ever played in my life” after allegedly witnessing a group of attendees stealing one girl’s wristband.

Responding to a tweet from the festival that thanked punters, Brown posted: “Fuck @LoveboxFestival … The worst most unprofessional festival I ever played in my life. I advise any artist if @LoveboxFestival try to book you say hell no!!!!!! Yall fucking trash … Niggas tryna rob niggas for wristbands.”

He then detailed the alleged incident: “I walked passed all these so called thugs all my jewelry on ain’t say shit to me. Then watch these niggas rob a girl for her wristband where the fuck was yall security at … Oh yea I’m they was pressing artist bout passes.”