Clap Your Hands Say Yeah return with third album – audio

Brooklyn's former indie darlings vow to win back fanbase

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have vowed to win back fans with their third album ‘Hysterical’.

The Brooklyn indie band became blog darlings in 2005 and achieved success with their eponymous debut, only to falter critically and commercially with 2008’s follow-up ‘Some Loud Thunder’.

Now, the band claim to have renewed their sense of purpose with ‘Hysterical’, which was released this week. Frontman Alec Ounsworth told Billboard: “The second record definitely has a place with us. It’s not some sort of write-off album. It seems like a very natural progression to get to this record, even though it seems like a roundabout way.


But he admitted that the band faltered after ‘Some Loud Thunder’, saying: “We were just not in the correct headspace to make a third album. We were like, ‘we’re going to let it breathe for a second and come back and make a record that we honestly are passionate about making.”

It’s a weird position to be in, because we still have our fans from the first two records, but we can’t be absolutely sure they all waited for us. We’re going to have to wait and see… I don’t doubt that they’ll still be there for us when we come back around.

You can listen to new track ‘Same Mistake’ below.

Same Mistake by CYHSYband

The tracklisting for ‘Hysterical’ is”


‘Same Mistake’
‘Misspent Youth’
‘Into Your Alien Arms’
‘In A Motel’
‘Yesterday, Never’
‘Siesta (For Snake)’
‘Ketamine And Ecstasy’
‘The Witness’ Dull Surprise’
‘Adam’s Plane’