Clap Your Hands Say Yeah announce new album, share new track ‘Fireproof’

Serving as the follow-up to 2014's 'Only Run'

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have announced new album ‘The Tourist’, sharing first single ‘Fireproof’.

Set to be released on February 24th, songwriter Alec Ounsworth will be releasing ‘The Tourist’ under the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah moniker. It serves as his fifth full-length under the name and follows 2014’s ‘Only Run’.

Speaking in a statement, Ounsworth said, “I wanted to experiment with packing lyrics. On this album, the lyrics and vocal melody effectively carry the songs, maybe more than anything else.” You can hear ‘Fireproof’ below.


Continuing, he said; “Elvis Costello does this really well on his song ‘Beyond Belief,’ as does Paul Simon on his solo albums.”

In terms of theme, Ounsworth uses ‘The Tourist’ to reflect on an emotional last couple of years, describing the songs as a “type of purge.” A “purge of certain emotional confusion that manifested itself in the last several years,” he explains. “I’d rather not say that it was a dark time, but it was a difficult time in my life — among the most difficult. But I needed and need to try to let it go. And this is how I let things go.”

You can see ‘The Tourist’ artwork and tracklisting below.

The Tourist Tracklist:

01. The Pilot
02. A Chance To Cure
03. Down (is Where I Want To Be)
04. Unfolding Above Celibate Moon (Los Angeles Nursery Rhyme)
05. Better Off
06. Fireproof
07. The Vanity Of Trying
08. Loose Ends
09. Ambulance Chaser
10. Visiting Hours


The Tourist artwork:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah new album

Both Tyler Sargent and Robbie Guertin of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah left the band in 2012.