Classic Michael Jackson concert films shared at same time as ‘Leaving Neverland’ premiere

The concert films are the length and ran at the same time as the documentary

Two classic Michael Jackson concert films have hit Youtube at the exact time and run length as controversial new film Leaving Neverland‘s premiere.

The new documentary, which will air in the UK later this week, focuses on testimony by Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 41, who both claim that Jackson sexually abused them when they were children.

However over the weekend, Jackson’s estate announced that Live In Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour from 1992 and Live At Wembley from the ‘Bad’ tour in 1988 would be hitting Youtube at the exact same time that Leaving Neverland parts one and two would air in the US.


The Bucharest show hit the streaming platform last night with a run time of two hours and two minutes – the exact same length as Leaving Neverland part one.

The two-part documentary will air in the UK on Channel 4 on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 March.

Over the weekend it emerged that the BBC had dropped Jackson’s songs from airplay amid the controversy.


The Times reports that a decision is said to have been made during the last week, and that the last time a solo Jackson song was aired on the station was last Saturday (February 23). The BBC told NME: “We consider each piece of music on its merits and decisions on what we play on different networks are always made with relevant audiences and context in mind.”

Last week, Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed explained to NME  why he felt that he needed to make the documentary. “We had to establish that this wasn’t close physical contact of an innocent kind. This was full-on sexual activity. And that’s why there are these rather brutally graphic scenes described in the film,” he claimed.

Jackson’s family have denied the allegations in Leaving Neverland.

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