Ex-CLC member Sorn dances alone in music video for ‘Sharp Objects’

It's her first solo release since leaving CUBE Entertainment

Ex-CLC member Sorn has returned with a new solo single titled ‘Sharp Objects’.

The accompanying music video begins with the singer sitting at a dining table with two faceless mannequins. She then wanders the decrepit halls of what seems to be an abandoned building, before entering a dark room with pulsing lights filled with similar mannequins.

“Been told this all my life / The heart cuts deeper than a knife / It’s dangerous / But I play with sharp objects,” she sings on the chorus of the English-language song. Later in the music video, she dances under flashing strobe lights while surroduned by mannequins.



‘Sharp Objects’ marks Sorn’s first release since her departure from CLC and CUBE Entertainment last year. The singer had previously made her debut as a soloist with the digital single ‘Run’ in March 2021, which was released in collaboration with her current agency WILD Entertainment Group.

Sorn first rose to prominence in 2011, when she won first place on the reality TV competition K-pop Star Hunt. She later signed with CUBE and moved to South Korea, and debuted in 2015 as part of the girl group CLC.

Last November, CUBE Entertainment announced the star’s departure from both the agency and CLC, which was decided following “mutual discussion”. Sorn later personally confirmed the news on her social media accounts, and thanked the members of CLC for their time together.


“For the past 10 years, I’ve learnt so much from the whole experience. I’ve met six wonderful girls who have become my second family in Korea,” she wrote. “I’m so proud of all the achievements we have accomplished together as a team and I’ve enjoyed every single moment with them through our ups and downs.”

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