Police confirm Cliff Richard investigation has ‘expanded significantly’

South Yorkshire police investigation into historical sex offences now involves multiple allegations

Police have confirmed that an inquiry into historical sex offences involving Cliff Richard involves “more than one allegation” and has “increased significantly in size”.

South Yorkshire Police chief constable David Crompton said that due to the expanding nature of the investigation, no date can be given as to when the investigation will be concluded.

BBC News reports that Crompton sent a letter dated February 10 to Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, to confirm that he was in regular contact with Richard’s lawyers.

“This is an investigation which has increased significantly in size since its inception. Sir Cliff Richard’s lawyers are aware that there is more than one allegation,” he said in the letter. He added: “It would be premature and potentially misleading to predict a likely date when it will be concluded, however, we are progressing as swiftly as possible.”

Richard was first interviewed by police in relation to an alleged historical sex offence in August 2014. He has never been arrested or charged.

The interview followed a police search of the singer’s Berkshire home. A number of items were removed from the property. Richard denies the alleged offence, which the BBC say relates to an assault claim at a religious event at the Bramall Lane stadium in Sheffield in 1985.

Richard has repeated that he is unaware of the latest “absurd and untrue” allegations against him come from.

“The police have not disclosed details to me,” he said in a statement. “I have never, in my life, assaulted anyone and I remain confident that the truth will prevail. I have cooperated fully with the police, and will, of course, continue to do so.”