Sir Cliff Richard: ‘I want to duet with Rihanna and Lady Gaga’

'I do like tangling tonsils with other artists,' he says as he eyes up potential singing partners

Cliff Richard has revealed that he would like to duet with Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

According to the Press Association, Richard – best known for his hits such as ‘Summer Holiday’ and ‘Devil Woman’ – is eager to work with either of the pop stars on a collaboration, as long as the song is to his liking.

Richard, who has previously released two duets albums in 2006’s ‘Two’s Company’ and 2011’s ‘Soulicious’, said: “Somebody asked me if I’d like to sing with Rihanna and I thought, ‘Who wouldn’t?’ She looks fantastic, she’s got a great voice, but in the case of duets, if it’s feasible, it’s always a matter of what the song is.

“If we both like the song, that’s the best way to do a duet. I couldn’t just say, ‘Yes, I’ll come’ and then sing some dance thing I don’t like.”

When asked about the possibility of working with ‘Born This Way’ star Lady Gaga, meanwhile, he replied:

Well, Gaga’s got a great voice. These people are great singers. It would be dependent on whether they wanted to sing with someone like me.

The singer, who also said he liked “tangling tonsils with other artists” on duets, added: “I have nothing to offer them in America, yet, but in the rest of the world I’m known, so I guess it’s feasible to do duets with people like that but it’s not just my choice, it has to be their choice as well.

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga was named on the longlist for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Song. She has been recognised for her ‘Hello Hello’ duet with Elton John, which featured in the film Gnomeo and Juliet.

Meanwhile, Dutch magazine editor Eva Hoeke resigned earlier this week following complaints over a piece in the fashion publication Jackie which referred to Rihanna as a “n—- bitch” (December 21). Rihanna took to Twitter to address Hoeke, telling her that she found her “disrespectful and rather desperate”.