Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’ beaten in Eurovision fix?

Documentary claims 'vote buying' ensured Spain won

A new documentary has claimed that Sir Cliff Richard lost out in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest because of a fix.

Producer Montse Fernandez Vila alleged that Spanish dictator Francisco Franco bought votes to ensure the Spanish entrant Massiel won the competition with the track ‘La La La’.

Richard‘s song ‘Congratulations’ – the favourite to win the music contest, and one of the most commerically successful tunes ever entered – came second.


Spanish TV presenter Jose Maria Inigo said: “It was a fix. Massiel won Eurovision with bought votes.”

Inigo claimed Franco bribed judging panels to help boost Spain’s international image.

Eurovision TV director Bjorn Erichsen said he couldn’t “exclude” the possibility of a fix, but said there would be no investigation.

He told Reuters: “Just to make Cliff Richard a little happier and the Spanish winner a bit more unhappy?

“I don’t think you should dig up old bodies to prove he was or wasn’t the father. It’s history.”