Cue lots of jokes about priests, ministers, pews, etc...

Clinic have revealed details of their forthcoming album ‘WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL’.

The group will release the album, recorded at Elevator Studios in Liverpool, on August 23.

“I think in comparison to ‘Walking With Thee'(the band’s second album, released in 2002) it’s got a more natural, earthier sound to it,” vocalist Ade Blackburn told Rolling Stone “The songs started off in a more pagan, folk style than in a nice, pretty folk style. So they’re still quite pounding rhythmically . . . but sort of simple.”


“If you can get the mixture of mood but still have strong melodies then you immediately get more of a depth to the songs,” Blackburn continued, “rather than just a pretty melody.”

‘The Magician’ will be the first single off the album, and is expected in June, alongside a tour of the UK.

Tracklisting for the album runs:

‘Country Mile’

‘Circle of Fifths’



‘The Magician’

‘Vertical Takeoff’



‘The Majestic’



‘Thank You’