The track 'Kids Get Kicks' describes a unique use of baby changing tables...

Clint Boon has revealed how an aeroplane adventure with Noel Gallagher was the inspiration behind one of the tracks from his forthcoming new album ‘LIFE IN TRANSITION’, due out in November through ARTFUL.

The song ‘Kids Get Kicks’ was written about a time when Noel was a roadie for Boon‘s old band Inspiral Carpets and the two paid a visit to a plane’s baby changing facility to commit an illicit act.

Speaking to NME.COM, Boon said: “I’ve never been much of a culprit doing naughty things on planes but some of my mates have in the past, between Noel Gallagher, Mark Coyle and Ian Brown.

“The only thing I can say about Noel is that he introduced me to another use for the baby changing tables. It wasn’t anything sexual but it was to do with something else…

“In ‘Kids Get Kicks’ there’s a line