The former Inspiral Carpets star reckons "Britain needs a band like us to sort the fuckin' shit out!"...

CLINT BOON has told NME.COM that he intends to take THE CLINT BOON EXPERIENCE on a gruelling six month tour in an attempt to break America.

Speaking following the band’s show at the Garage in London (November 17), a typically vitriolic Boon took a sideswipe at the British music industry, saying that “Britain needs a band like us to sort the fuckin’ shit out!”

He continued: “We haven’t got a lot of competition or contemporaries. We’re not part of a scene, we’ll never be part of a scene. Because the average ‘scene’ people are scared to get involved in something like this.”


The ex-Inspiral Carpets keyboardist said his six month jaunt in the US will begin after Christmas.

Joking that they might stay out there “maybe six years”, he said “(I) think I’ll be able to get a deal for the band over there, I’ve not even started yet. It’s pretty early days, but I think it’ll work well.”

Boon added that they hope to return to the UK stage in late February and March 2001, dates which will coincide with the release of a second single from their new album ‘Life In Transition’.

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