'Obcene' t-shirt taken from the back of a Clint Boon Experience fan...

West Yorkshire Police have still refused to comment on an incident where a Clint Boon Experience fan was stripped of his ‘Cooler Than Fuck’ T-shirt in the street last week after it was deemed offensive by police.

Steven Oakes, 19, a student at Huddersfield University, had just left the town’s Visage nightclub late on October 4 when he was stopped by two officers.

The T-shirt is a pastiche of the ‘Cool As Fuck’ T-shirts made famous by Clint‘s former band Inspiral Carpets, but featuring Clint‘s trademark moose rather than a cow.

Oakes told NME: “This policeman came up to me and said my T-shirt was an obscenity and told me to put it on inside out. I said, ‘No chance’ so he demanded that I take it off and then he confiscated it. I had to wear my mate’s jumper to get home as I didn’t have another top.”

Oakes continued that the officer took his name, number and address and said that if it happened again, he would be arrested.

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