The Travis singer takes time out from the Oasis tour to help out the ex-Inspiral Carpet keyboard player...

Travis singer FRAN HEALY has collaborated with ex-Inspiral Carpets organist CLINT BOON, providing vocals on a track recorded for BOON‘s new band, THE CLINT BOON EXPERIENCE.

The track is called ‘Earworm’, and will probably see the light of day this summer, although a final release date is yet to be confirmed.

A spokesperson for Clint Boon told nme.com that the title ‘Earworm’ refers the feeling when “something gets inside your head, and you just can’t forget about it”.


The music for ‘Earworm’ was recorded at Boon‘s studio in Oldham, with Healy finishing the vocal part in his own front room in London last weekend. Healy had briefly returned home from America, where Travis are currently supporting Oasis.

Rumours have also started to surface that Boon may be about to do some production work on Travis‘ new studio album. Boon‘s spokesperson refused to confirm or deny any rumours, but did reveal that Boon does plan to do some production work in August of this year.

Boon and Travis have remained close since The Clint Boon Experience supported Travis on their UK tour before Christmas. Boon was rumoured to have played a part in recommending Bo Walsh, an unknown drummer from Manchester, as the temporary replacement after regular Travis drummer Neil Primrose. Primrose decided to spend some time at home with his expectant wife, rather than go out to America with the rest of the band on their US tour earlier this month.

The Clint Boon Experience have also lined up six UK dates for May, which are Edinburgh Liquid Rooms (May 6), Aberdeen Glow 303 (7), Hull University (8), Manchester Planet K (9), Liverpool Lomax (10) and London LA2 (12).

The band are also in the process of recording their new album, the follow-up to ‘The Compact Guide To Pop Music And Space Travel’, which was released last September on Rabid Badger.

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