Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres join Coldcut in net broadcast...

Clinton duo TJINDER SINGH and BEN AYRES, the current incarnation of CORNERSHOP, will be guests of COLDCUT on their pirate TV show on [url=] this coming Wednesday (March 22) between 11pm-1am GMT.

Singh and Ayres will play a selection of their favourite records, discuss them with Coldcut and chat with fans via a live chat room that can be accessed through the site. They are not expected to perform live. was set up by the Coldcut pair Matt Black and Jonathon More in January 1999 in a bid to recapture the trigger-happy and scatological nature of their pirate radio days on the original Kiss FM.

Former guests include Radiohead, producer Youth and Dreadzone. Radiohead are slated to return within the next couple of months.

Meanwhile Clinton will release a new single, ‘People Power in the Disco Hour’ through Hut on April 10.