Noel Gallagher plans to record with Cornershop side project Clinton this year...

Noel Gallagher is set to record with Cornershop offshoot Clinton.

Clinton are planning to record their debut album before the end of this year. Noel promised to join them in the studio when Cornershop supported Oasis in the US earlier this year. Noel joined the band onstage on a number of occasions to play bass on ‘Jullander Shere’ from their current album ‘When I Was Born For The 7th Time’. Tjinder Singh is also approaching other artists to collaborate on the Clinton album, which he is writing and demoing on Cornershop’s tourbus. Clinton previously released the singles ‘Jamjar’ in 1995 and ‘Superloose’ the following year.

Meanwhile, Cornershop release their next single, ‘Sleep On The Left Side’, on April 13.