Clipping announce new album ‘Videos of Bodies Being Burned’, share single ‘Say The Name’

A sequel to their 2019 horrorcore album 'There Existed an Addiction to Blood'

Clipping have announced a new album ‘Videos of Bodies Being Burned’.

It comes less than a year after the release of their fourth album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’. Per a press release, the new record consists of material from the same sessions and was originally set to follow just months afterward before the coronavirus pandemic interrupted.

The alternative hip-hop trio have also shared the first single from the record, ‘Say the Name’. As Pitchfork points out, it samples Scarface’s song ‘Mind Playing Tricks on Me’, and continues the horrorcore sound of ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’. Watch the lyric video below.


‘Videos of Bodies Being Burned’ is set for release on October 23 via Sub Pop.

The sixteen-track album features a rare and peculiar performance of Yoko Ono’s 1953 text score, ‘Secret Piece’, which instructs musicians to “Decide on one note that you want to play/Play it with the following accompaniment: the woods from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m/ in summer”.

Clipping’s rendition promises to feature “nearly all of the musicians who appeared on both albums”.

Clipping released the charity single ‘Chapter 319’ on Bandcamp in June in tribute to George Floyd, raising over $20,000 for racial justice charities.

The tracklist of ‘Videos of Bodies Being Burned’ is: 



  • ‘Intro’
  • ‘Say the Name’
  • ‘Wytchboard’ (Interlude)
  • ’96 Neve Campbell’ (feat. Cam & China)
  • ‘Something Underneath’
  • ‘Make Them Dead’
  • ‘She Bad’
  • ‘Invocation (Interlude)’ [with Greg Stuart]
  • ‘Pain Everyday’ (with Michael Esposito)
  • ‘Check the Lock’
  • ‘Looking Like Meat’ (feat. Ho99o9)
  • ‘Drove (Interlude)’
  • ‘Eaten Alive’ (with Jeff Parker & Ted Byrnes)
  • ‘Body for the Pile’ (with SICKNESS)
  • ‘Enlacing’
  • ‘Secret Piece’



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