Pusha T talks upcoming ‘album of the year’

Kanye West will serve as the record's executive producer

Pusha T has discussed the release of forthcoming record ‘King Push’, revealing his ambition is to record “the album of the year”.

Speaking to XXL, the rapper divulged that Kanye West will serve as the album’s executive producer. West also filled the role on Pusha’s debut solo album ‘My Name Is My Name’, which was released last year.

“I’m going for album of the year, man, that’s it; straight up, lyric-driven of course,” said Pusha. “I feel like ‘My Name Is My Name’ was very stripped down – on purpose – because I just felt like people weren’t rapping enough for my taste. I didn’t want to be in that category and I wanted to show people this is what I’m about. I want to infuse more elements of music into ‘King Push’; paint the pictures and smash them with the lyrics.”


Pusha added, “I have no features on it as of right now, but I’m well into six joints. I don’t do extra records. But I am going to try and do a deluxe [album] this time. Simply because I got the time, but it’s just all about finding the records. I don’t make records and say, “Oh, that one falls short of the bar”. I can’t put anything that falls short of the bar on the album.”

Last December, Pusha revealed he was to reunite with production team The Neptunes to record music for ‘King Push’. Alongisde his brother, Malice, the Virginia native worked extensively with Neptunes duo Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo while a member of Clipse.

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