Cloud Nothings announce surprise album, ‘The Black Hole Understands’

Recorded entirely from self isolation

Cloud Nothings have announced a surprise new album, entitled ‘The Black Hole Understands’, to be released when Bandcamp’s Friday revenue waiver begins today (July 3).

The ten-track release was recorded entirely in quarantine, with each member recording individually and finishing the tracks via email. Only frontman Dylan Baldi and drummer Jayson Gerycz play on the album.

“It’s poppy and also kind of sad. which is more or less my state of mind,” Baldi tweeted.


A quarter of proceeds from the albums’ sales will be donated to music-education nonprofits Play On Philly and the Rainey Institute. Pre-orders for ‘The Black Hole Understands’ will not open until the Bandcamp sale begins.

tomorrow on bandcamp our fully quarantine-recorded album comes out, called 'the black hole understands.' me on…

Posted by Cloud Nothings on Thursday, July 2, 2020

In the same Twitter thread, Baldi also revealed they had recorded an album as a band “in the same room” earlier this year which would be released “eventually”.

Cloud Nothings plans to release new music far more regularly from today onwards, announcing a new Bandcamp subscription service. Subscribers will receive a digital EP every month, a regular discount on merch, and so-called “super subscribers” will get two vinyl records a year. For Bandcamp’s revenue waiver in May, Cloud Nothings released 27 live albums recorded over the last 10 years.

The band released their last studio album ‘Last Building Burning’ in 2018. Brodi and Gerycz also shared a free form jazz album under their own names in May of this year, entitled ‘Blessed Repair’.

The tracklist of Cloud Nothings’ ‘The Black Hole Understands’ is:


1. ‘Story That I Live’
2. ‘The Sound of Everyone’
3. ‘An Average World’
4. ‘A Weird Interaction’
5. ‘Tall Gray Structure’
6. ‘A Silent Reaction’
7. ‘The Mess Is Permanent’
8. ‘Right on the Edge’
9. ‘Memory of Regret’
10. ‘The Black Hole Understands’