Brody Dalle’s new band debut tracks at Club NME LA

Spinnerette roll out their first album

Brody Dalle‘s new band Spinnerette previewed several tracks from their forthcoming debut album last night (October 29) for an adoring crowd at Club NME Los Angeles with Fred Perry Subculture.

Backed by a four-piece band, the former Distillers frontwoman let her deep, gravely voice take centre stage on the new guitar-driven tracks, which included ‘Valium Knights’, Rebellious Palpitations’ and ‘Cupid’.

Sporting a houndstooth blazer and black bob, Dalle announced to the crowd at Spaceland that Spinnerette‘s new album would be released in February. “February–are you sure?” shouted someone from the audience. “Yes, I’m positive,” she reassured.


Dalle seemed a bit uneasy at the start of the show but loosened up as the evening progressed. “This is our third show ever so it’s kind of like practice,” she admitted. The crowd didn’t seem to mind, yelling, “I love you Brody!” in between songs.

The audience was filled with several tattooed Distillers fans curious to see what Dalle had been up to since the punk rockers disbanded two years ago, as well as Dalle‘s husband Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age.

The Distillers is an era that’s over — there’s no turning back,” Dalle told NME.COM before the show. “It wouldn’t be the same, like trying to live in the 1800s or something. If you want to create art you’ve got to move forward.”

Dalle said that she was excited to play the material from her new band for a live audience. “We’ve been getting an enormous response. I’ve been stunned,” she said.

Dalle explained that her touring band — Tony Bevilacqua, Nicole Fiorentino (Veruca Salt), Bryan Tulao and Dave Hidalgo Jr (Suicidal Tendencies) — is different from the band that plays on the album, which features Bevilacqua, Jack Irons and Alain Johannes.

Jack Irons rarely tours and Alain is producing and writing a lot …so I was trying to find the perfect match (for playing live) and I think we did it.”


Spinerette played:

‘Valim Knights’

‘Bury My Heart’


‘Distorting A Code’

‘Rebellious Palpitations’

‘Prescription For Man Kind’

‘Sex Bomb’


‘Driving Song’

‘Ghetto Love’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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