Black Kids have a rocky start to CMJ showcase

But must-see band of the week pull it together for their Club NME gig though

Black Kids had a troublesome start to their Club NME CMJ showcase at Annex last night, when an amp blew just one song into their set.

After a long wait for the packed audience, the band managed to sort out their gear and went ahead with a set greatly received by the curious crowd.

Speaking to NME.COM before their set, frontman Reggie Youngblood commented on being one of the most highly anticipated bands of the week.

“People are probably sick of hearing of us already!’ he said. “That’s natural, that’s fine. Is the buzz justified? Most definitely. Why? Quality control. I don’t think it’s that only we write good songs, I think every band writes a good tune, but I think also they get kind of lazy. They should keep some songs on the backburner that are not quite there yet, do some self-editing.”

Youngblood also explained that no one’s expectations of the band are higher than their own, saying: “I’m really just concerned with my expectations. Yes, we really want people to enjoy and appreciate it, but we really do beat ourselves up already so fuck everyone else!”

The singer added that he’s prepared to deal with the hype, including the inevitable negative opinions.

“I quite like that everyone’s talking about us. People are like ‘fuck that band, they’re boring’ and I quite like it! I have a soft spot in my heart for the haters because no one talks more shit than me.”

Youngblood also took took Cut Off Your Hands Singer Nick Johnston’s comments yesterday with a pinch of salt.

“That’s fine. That’s lovely. That’s okay. I can’t really be fussed over stuff like that. If it was unanimous that everyone loved us that would be just creepy. As long as most people like us, I can deal with a few stragglers.”

Following the marathon gigs, the band will head back home to Jacksonville, Florida where they will continue to prepare material for their debut album, which they hope to record early next year.

With the inevitable bidding war bound to kick off to sign the band, Youngblood admits he is dubious about empty promises from record industry types.

“I’ve seen VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ enough times. I don’t worry that much.”

Check out for an exclusive podcast interview recorded yesterday (October 18) with Black Kids.

–By our New York staff.

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