Vampire Weekend warm up for UK tour at CMJ

A mutual appreciation for Jack Penate is revealed

Vampire Weekend played one of two CMJ shows this afternoon at Cake Shop in New York City, performing after Jack Penate.

The New Yorkers played several songs that are set to appear on their debut album, including ‘M79’.

Speaking to NME.COM after the show, frontman Ezra Koenig said: “Some people have only heard the EP, which has a certain vibe, but these songs have such a more complete picture and some of the new songs that we did are like ‘M79’, in the recording it has all these strings and sounds and ended up being kind of epic. So many of our songs are these super-short songs and that one has a more unusual structure, but it’s still poppy in the way our other songs are.”

Koenig also admitted to being slightly nervous about the band’s first ever headlining European tour, which kicks off in Manchester on Saturday (October 20).

“This is the first time we’re playing those cities,” said Koenig. “I’m a little nervous because I’m aware of how we’re known in America, but I have no idea if people in Hamburg have heard or us, or Nottingham…”

This afternoon’s show was a highlight for the band, as they played on the same bill as Jack Penate.

“We just talked to him for the first time, and he was really psyched on our performance and I was really psyched on his. We’ve been waiting to meet him for such a long time. We kept asking ‘when are we going to meet Penate?’ He must be incredibly busy, I don’t even know if he’ll get to come to any of our shows.”

–By our New York staff.

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