Jack Penate goes bashment!

Singer talks about new direction during CMJ

Jack Penate has revealed to NME.COM he is incorporating ‘bashment’ into material for his second album.

Speaking after his intimate afternoon performance at Cake Shop in New York today (October 17), Penate says the Jamaican dancehall beats are all over his new songs.

“They’re going to be different to the first album. Bashment. Seriously, I love those bashment beats. I want to take that further.”


Among the artists who inspire his new direction are Elephant Man and Lexxus.

Lexxus is fucking sick,” he says. ”There’s a song called ‘Cook’ and it’s about how he doesn’t like girls who are thin and have long nails, he likes big fat ladies with short nails who can stay home and cook for him. I feel the same but I like big nails and short asses.”

The Cake Shop performance was Penate’s third time to play to brand new audiences this week, something he thrives on.

“I quite like having to work for an audience,“ he admits. ”I knew 99% of the people there didn’t know who I was. I don’t know if I won them over but I at least hope that I got a reaction. Even if they leave thinking ‘he’s really, really, really bad and I hate him more than anything’, that’s so much better than if they were bored. That’s my whole ethos, if people are bored then I’m not doing what I should be doing. Even if they throw things and hate me, at least they’re not bored.”

Penate says he’s ready to do the work to bring his music to more people.

“I played two shows already. It’s been great and I’ve got so much work to do to get where I want to be, which is great. I’m obsessed with working. I love it. I’m a complete masochist, I really enjoy pain, emotional, physical, whatever, so it’s been quite painful in a good way.”


The singer stuck around after his show to watch hotly-tipped New Yorkers Vampire Weekend play a set.

“I’m obsessed with Vampire Weekend. Totally. They’re amazing, I love them so much, they’re one of the most exciting bands because their personality is incredible, there’s no bullshit and they’re like no other band. That’s what’s exciting.”

Jack Penate plays Philadelphia’s Silk City tonight (October 17) before heading home for a UK tour.

–By our New York staff.

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