1990s’ Jackie McKeown: ‘I hate bands and indie music’

Scottish singer won't be seeing any bands at CMJ this year

1990s kicked off their CMJ run on Monday night, opening for Voxtrot at new Brooklyn venue the Music Hall Of Williamsburg.

The show was the first in New York for the band since the departure of bassist Jamie McMorrow last month. McMorrow quit the band five days before their European tour, leaving the band in what frontman Jackie McKeown described as a “horrific” situation, which they luckily managed to remedy in just a couple of days.

“I had to teach two people the set in two days, so Norman [Blake] from Teenage Fanclub just learned them on his own. He never played a note with the band until he was onstage in Australia. We had a guy in Japan called Takashi, who used to play with Cornelius, and he learned the songs on his own and just turned up and played them. Then we started back in the States and Donald [former V-Twin guitarist Donald ‘Dino’ Bardot] rejoined,” McKeown told NME.COM at last night’s NME.COM Welcome To CMJ Party.


The band are gearing up to record their second album as soon as they complete their pending Scandinavian tour.

“We’ve written about seven songs for the next album, when we get home we have a Scandinavian tour and then we shut down for two months and finish the album. We’re not like ‘writing our second album’ we just wrote more songs and they’ll be on the album, it’s not like some careerist thing where it’s like ‘the second album has to go like this’, as soon as you start doing that you’re fucked. We’ll probably do it at the same place as Edwyn Collins’ studio and we’ll probably use Bernard (Butler) again.”

Meanwhile, the band continue their stint at CMJ with a show tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom, followed by a second performance at “some video game party”.

Despite the hundreds of new acts playing shows throughout the week, McKeown has no plans to go to any more gigs after seeing The Little Ones at the NME.COM party.

“I don’t want to see anyone at CMJ,” he says. “I don’t like indie music. The Little Ones are amazing, that’s not an indie band, that’s a proper pop band. They’re a genuine pop band like The Beatles were a pop band. Every song is a good song, genuinely. I hate bands. There’s like three in the world I like, and now there’s four.”

–By our New York staff.


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