The Cure break curfew to close Coachella Festival

Robert Smith and co go for broke and finish set unplugged

The Cure played a marathon set to close out the final night of the 2009 Coachella Festival (April 19), breaking the midnight curfew and ignoring requests from organisers to wrap up their show.

The band kicked off their headlining slot on the main stage with several songs from their most recent album ‘4:13 Dream’.

Peeking out from underneath his trademark bird’s nest of black hair, Smith put his band through the paces and his energy never seemed to wane.


The band kept the mood fairly dark and heavy during the beginning of the set, saving more upbeat numbers including ‘In Between Days’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’ for later.

At the end of the night, the plug was literally pulled on the band during ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and the field lights were turned up, but this didn’t stop Smith and company from soldiering on.

“They say we can only play one more song – are we fuck,” Smith said when the band got the signal to wrap up. They kept right on playing and several of the remaining audience members rushed toward the stage to hear them play the final notes of their nearly three-hour set unplugged.

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The Cure played:


‘Underneath The Stars’
‘Prayers For Rain’
‘A Strange Day’
‘The End of the World’
‘To Wish Impossible Things’
‘Pictures of You’
‘From the Edge Of The Deep Green Sea’
‘The Perfect Boy’
‘Wrong Number’
‘In Between Days’
‘Just Like Heaven’
‘Shake Dog Shake’
‘The Hungry Ghost’
‘One Hundred Years’
‘It’s Over’
‘If Only Tonight We Could Sleep’
‘The Kiss’
‘At Night’
‘Play For Today’
‘A Forest’
‘Three Imaginary Boys’
‘Fire In Cairo’
‘Boys Don’t Cry’
‘Jumping Someone Else’s Train’
‘Grinding Halt’

–By our Los Angeles staff.