Jeff Lynne makes Dhani Harrison cry at Coachella

The Beatle's son's band thenewno2 make their festival debut

Thenewno2 made their Coachella debut today (April 18), performing for a crowded tent in the height of the midday sun.

The five-piece band ran through several tracks from their recent album ‘You Are Here’ as members of The Duke Spirit, The Like and Electric Light Orchestra‘s Jeff Lynne looked on from the audience.

“How are you all doing? You all having a good laugh?” Harrison asked the crowd. “You guys going to see Public Enemy later?” he asked, referring to the hip-hop veterans who are scheduled to play the festival tomorrow.

When introducing the track ‘Yomp’, Harrison said, “This one’s called ‘Yomp’ and it’s kinda like a stomp but it’s better because it’s a Yomp.”

Audience members shouted “happy birthday” to drummer/keyboardist Oliver Hecks, who celebrated his birthday today.

After their set, Harrison told NME.COM that he was extremely moved that Lynne came to see them perform.

Jeff came out all the way for our show,” Harrison said. “We were absolutely honoured. Oli and I spent a lot of time with him after my dad died. He was like a real father to both of us. Now that we’ve been living in LA for four or five years, Jeff is a real proper Englishman. He really nearly made me cry seeing that he came out to our show.”

“It also made me happy to see the Dukes,” he said of The Duke Spirit. “It also made me nervous because they’re a really amazing band.”

“We’ve only played 12 gigs together ever,” Harrison said, adding that they plan to perform at several US festivals this summer including Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

Thenewno2 played:

‘So Vain’
‘Another John Doe’
‘Give You Love’
‘Crazy Tuesday’
‘Out of Mind’
‘Idle Lover’
‘Choose What You’re Watching’

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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