Hot Chip draw masses for sweltering Coachella set

Stephen Malkmus has trouble staying in tune due to the heat

Hot Chip drew hordes of people to their Saturday afternoon (April 26) set in the Sahara tent at the Coachella festival, despite the overpowering midday heat.

Crowds spilled outside the tent onto the grass, trying to grab a spot in the shade to catch an earful of the London electro-rock maestros.

The heaving masses kept their hands in the air for several songs including ‘Hold On’ and crowd-pleaser ‘Over & Over’. The band seemed to feed off of the crowd’s enthusiasm, and vice versa.

Hot Chip played:

‘Shake A Fist’

‘And I Was A Boy From School’

‘Hold On’

‘Over & Over’

‘Out At The Pictures’

‘One Pure Thought’

‘No Fit State’

‘Ready For The Floor’

Over at the Outdoor Theatre, Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks demonstrated one of the drawbacks of a festival being too hot – the former Pavement man was forced to pause throughout his set as he and his band had to constantly retune their instruments due to the searing afternoon sun.

“It’s hard to tune in this weather,” explained Malkmus during one gap. “I don’t have much to say, he admitted during another. “Er, we don’t endorse torture, we don’t vote for George Bush.”

However the extra work proved worth it as they powered through a tuneful set, including the highlight ‘Baltimore’.

Shortly afterwards on the Outdoor Theatre stage, Los Angeles indie darlings Rilo Kiley performed several songs from their most recent album, ‘Under The Blacklight’, including ‘Moneymaker’ and ‘Dreamworld’.

Jenny Lewis and company also gave a soulful rendition of ‘Does He Love You’ from 2004’s ‘More Adventurous’, sprinkling the audience with gold confetti at the end.

Rilo Kiley played:

‘Close Call’



‘Breakin’ Up’


‘Does He Love You’

‘I Never’

‘Silver Lining’

‘Portions For Foxes’

‘Spectacular View’

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