Mark Ronson joined by Ricky Wilson, Jamie Klaxons at Coachella

Tim Burgess, Sam Sparro also perform during set

Kaiser ChiefsRicky Wilson, KlaxonsJamie Reynolds and Tim Burgess were among the performers to join Mark Ronson onstage last night (April 27) at Coachella.

After a performance of ‘God Put A Smile On Your Face’, Ronson was joined by Tigga and Rhymefest for [b ‘Toxic’.

“One of the best things about playing tonight is this is one of only two gigs we’re playing in America, so I brought some of my friends over from England for you,” Ronson told the crowd before being joined by Sam Sparro for ‘Black And Gold’.

Introducing The Rumble StripsCharlie Waller, Ronson said: “When I’m not putting trumpets on other people’s songs I write songs, and I wrote ‘Back To Black’ with Amy Winehouse. The next contestant covered ‘Back To Black’, and I think it’s better than ours.”

After a performance of ‘Pretty Green’ with Tawiah, Waller left the stage and Ronson asked the audience: “Was anyone at Coachella last year? I was too, and I saw a band called the Kaiser Chiefs and I was standing over there and got sunburned, the lot so I called up my friend Ricky and said ‘You owe me’.”

He was then joined by Ricky Wilson for a performance of the Kaiser Chiefs song ‘Oh My God’, done in the style of the Lily Allen rendition that Ronson recorded for his ‘Version’ record.

Ricky Wilson, he writes the song, I just cover them,” Ronson quipped.

Following guest slots from Candie Payne and Kenna, Ronson was joined by The CharlatansTim Burgess for ‘The Only One I Know’, the song which Robbie Williams provided guest vocals for on ‘Version’.

The super-producer was forced to cut one song from the set due to time restraints, but he managed to squeeze in one last song with ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’, joined by Jamie Reynolds of Klaxons.

Reynolds, wearing a smart suit, offered vocals on the first half of the song before Sam Sparro returned to the stage to complete the track.

Mark Ronson and guests played:

‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’

‘Toxic’ with Tiggas and Rhymefest

‘Ooh Wee’ w/ Rhymefest

‘Black And Gold’ w/ Sam Sparro

‘Back To Black’ w/ Charlie Waller

‘Pretty Green’ w/ Tawiah and Charlie Waller

‘Oh My God’ w/ Ricky Wilson

‘One More Chance’ w/ Candie Payne

‘Amy’ w/ Kenna

‘Just’ w/ Kenna

‘The Only One I Know’ w/ Tim Burgess

‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’ w/ Jamie ‘Reynolds and Sam Sparro