Rage Against The Machine reunite at Coachella

De La Rocha and co's comeback show ends festival in style

Rage Against The Machine‘s first show in almost seven years brought Coachella to a stunning close tonight (April 29).

Under a simple red star backdrop, the staunchly political quartet treated the biggest crowd of the weekend to an explosive set that spanned the whole of the band’s career.

Communication with the audience was was kept to a bare minimum, with Zack De La Rocha kick-starting the comeback with a simple introduction: “Good evening, we’re Rage Against The Machine from Los Angeles, California.”


The anticipated anti-Bush tirade finally came during the last song of the main set, ‘Wake Up’.

Nonetheless the appreciative audience lapped up incendiary performances of classic Rage Against The Machine tracks, including ‘Bullet In The Head’, ‘Know Your Enemy’, ‘Bulls On Parade’ and ‘Sleep Now In The Fire’. The band also dipped into their covers album ‘Renegades’, playing a version of Afrika Bambaataa‘s ‘Renegades Of Funk’.

The set was rounded off by particular raucous run through the band’s signature song ‘Killing In The Name’, with the Coachella crowd relishing the chance to chant its infamous “Fuck you, I won’t do

what you tell me” refrain.

Rage Against The Machine played:



‘Bulls On Parade’

‘People Of The Sun’


‘Bullet In The Head’

‘Down Rodeo’

‘Guerrilla Radio’

‘Renegades Of Funk’

‘Calm Like A Bomb’

‘Sleep Now In The Fire’

‘Wake Up’


‘Killing In The Name’

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