Arcade Fire frontman meets his public at Coachella

Win Butler performs from the heart of the festival's crowd

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler joined the crowd during the band’s rousing set at the Coachella Festival tonight (April 28).

Butler sang from the heart of the massive crowd who gathered to see his band, though he was followed by several security guards who made sure the singer wasn’t mobbed by the excited fans gathered around him.

The band played for over an hour on Coachella‘s main stage just after sunset, running through several tracks from their latest album, ‘Neon Bible’ along with highlights from 2004’s ‘Funeral’.

The audience, which included actress Cameron Diaz, went wild for the older tracks ‘Neighbourhood 1 (Tunnels)’ and ‘Neighborhood 2 (Laika)’, singing so loudly it was often difficult to hear Butler‘s vocals.

“You’re amazing. Thanks you very much for your good manners,” Butler said. “Manners are the cornerstone of a civilised society.”

The audience seemed in high spirits, tossing beach balls around and cheering loudly throughout the group’s set.

The band wowed the audience with their lively performance that included percussionists beating on everything in sight – including each other.

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