Blonde Redhead bring ’23’ to Coachella

Trio make a desert pit stop on tour

Blonde Redhead performed an ear-bleedlingly loud set last night (April 28) at the Coachella Festival.

Currently on the road promoting recent album ‘23’the band took to the Outdoor Theater stage just after 8pm, and cranked up the volume.

Speaking to NME.COM earlier, twins Simone and Amadeo Pace revealed they were excited to see a very unlikely band also playing the desert bash.

“We’re going to try to see The Arcade Fire and Red Hot Chili Peppers for a second, but we’re leaving right after the show because we have to drive to Dallas,” they explained at a Motorola hosted party.

However the band added they will get plenty of chances to check out some of their other favourite bands, thanks to the groups they’re currently touring with.

Having declared current tourmates, and former NME Presents the Kaiser Chiefs openers Annuals, “quite good”, the twins announced that they will be joined on the road later this summer by British exports Fields.