The Rapture arrive early for Coachella show

New Yorkers hit the desert for some pre-show action

The Rapture arrived a day early at Coachella today (April 27) and soaked up some of the festival atmosphere in advance of their headlining slot at the dance stage tomorrow night.

Speaking to NME.COM Luke Jenner revealed the 40 degree heat was already taking it’s toll.

“It’s been excruciatingly hot” he said “I’ve just laid down in our tour bus for tour hours to try to cool down.”

Jenner said he was eagerly anticipating seeing Bjork and Interpol, and revealed he’s managed to catch many of his favourite acts at previous Coachella festivals.

“The line-up this year’s pretty good” he said while checking out a pre-festival party hosted Motorola. “We’ve been here three times and we’ve got to see The Cure, Radiohead and Daft Punk”.

Following Coachella, the band have further touring commitments before returning home to New York to write the follow-up to ‘Pieces Of the People We Love’, and Jenner joked that he has no idea what he will start working on saying ‘I’m fresh out of ideas”.

The band will play several dates this summer with Daft Punk, an act close to Jenner’s heart.

“We’re doing a bunch of shows with the French people. I like French people – my wife’s French so I’m married to France. They’re my people!”

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