Rayna Foss-Rose wants to spend more time with her family...

Coal Chamber bassist RAYNA FOSS-ROSE has left the band to spend more time with her family.

Foss-Rose temporarily left the group in 1999 to give birth to a daughter, Kayla. However, Foss-Rose, who has joined in 1994, has now walked out for good, planning to dedicate her life to her family.

Speaking in a statement, she said: “This was a hard decision to make, but is one that I feel is important to our lives and our family. I wish nothing but the best for the band, and will always love and cherish the time we had together”.

She will be replaced by Nadja Peulen, who previously stood in when Rayna gave birth to Kayla.

The group release a new album, ‘Dark Days’, in the spring.