Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser gets asteroid named after her

The “Fraser” asteroid isn’t set to collide with Earth for millions of years, per the International Astronomical Union

Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser has had an asteroid named after her by the International Astronomical Union.

Their label, 4AD, announced the naming of the asteroid on their official social media pages on Thursday (September 28). “Yesterday, after 10 years of research, the International Astronomical Union have named the asteroid 2013 TF19, ‘Fraser’, after Elizabeth Fraser,” read the caption posted to the label’s Instagram.

It continued: “It does not pose a threat to humankind and will not collide with Earth for millions of years. It can only be viewed using an advance telescope but luckily is available to see on @nasa’s website.”


They added that the asteroid was discovered on August 31, 2013 by M. Kusiak, M. Żołnowski at Tincana.

4AD also shared a diagram of Fraser’s location in the sky. Check out the post below.

Fans quickly took to the comment section to share their excitement over the asteroid. One user wrote, “Brilliant. She is truly a celestial entity,” while another commented, “I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of anything more appropriate in my life.”

The Cocteau Twins were founded in Grangemouth, Scotland in 1979 by guitarist Robin Guthrie and bassist Will Heggie and later completed by Fraser who was dating Guthrie at the time. The became known for their unique ethereal sound.

Following Heegie’s departure in 1983, the band spent a brief time as a duo before being joined by Simon Raymonde. Fraser’s voice attracted attention due to its celestial sound. The band would go on to influence the likes of Prince, Annie Lennox, Slowdive, Lush, My Bloody Valentine and more.


They signed to 4AD in 1982 and went on to release six albums including the classic LP ‘Heaven Or Las Vegas’. NME previously named ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ the 28th best album of 1990.

Elsewhere, Fraser and her partner, Damon Reece (Massive Attack, Echo & The Bunnymen), formed a new project named Sun’s Signature and released a self-titled debut EP last year. They recently released ‘Sun’s Signature (Extended)’.

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