Cola Boyy releases ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood’, produced by The Avalanches

The second single lifted from Cola Boyy's forthcoming studio album

Cola Boyy has released the new single, ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood’, co-written and produced by Aussie duo The Avalanches.

The single is the second track to be released from Cola Boyy’s forthcoming album, following on from ‘Kid Born in Space’, a collaboration with MGMT released last month. The shimmering disco-infused track, with its club beat and electronic stylings, bears similarities to songs found on The Avalanches’ 2020 album, ‘We Will Always Love You’.

Listen to the single below:


The new collaboration follows Cola Boyy’s appearance in the music video of The Avalanches’ track ‘We Go On’, along with The Clash’s Mick Jones.

“We had two full-on weeks in an LA studio, we did a photoshoot, and it was our last day to record ‘We Go On’. And y’know, we were almost like, ‘Do we want to just get to the airport?’ We were tired,” The Avalanches told NME last year.

“And then we met Cola Boyy and as soon as we met him we were awake again [pumps fist], we were refreshed! He’s just such an amazing dude, so smart and he’s very political too. He’s very passionate about his local community, about life, he’s an activist. He’s very outspoken – so I loved having him on the same record as Mick Jones.”

NME has previously described Cola Boyy’s music as sounding like “a disco ball melting or the after-effects of some particularly potent hallucinogenics”, while hailing early cuts ‘Penny Girl’ and ‘Beige 70’ as “instant hits”.

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