Cold War Kids cover Radiohead

The band are celebrating 'OK Computer''s anniversary

Cold War Kids have recorded a cover of ‘Electioneering’, a track from the classic album ‘OK Computer’ by Radiohead.

The Californian indie stars got to grips with the song as part of the Stereogum website’s project to get different bands to cover each song on the album, to mark the 10th anniversary of its release.

“I’m not saying ‘Electioneering’ is the best song on the album,” said lead singer Nathan Willett, “but it’s certainly the most badass.”

Speaking about why he agreed to be part of the project, Willett said of ‘OK Computer’: “It is the single most important album to be released during my youth. I have never had an emotional connection with an album quite like I have with this one.”

You can download the track, as well as the other cover versions that complete the project, from the [url=]Stereogum website now.