Their response to the General Election is to be unveiled on May 23...

Remix pioneers COLDCUT will launch their own response to the forthcoming GENERAL ELECTION from an open-top LONDON bus on May 23.

The pair will flyer the capital’s citizens, play their forthcoming single ‘Re:Volution’ and point out the current batch of political parties’ shortcomings, before stopping at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park where they will make the policies of their own Guilty Party known.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the pair will release ‘Re:Volution’, featuring samples of politicians, including Prime Minister Tony Blair and leader of the opposition William Hague making a series of gaffes and embarrassing remarks, before the June 7 election.


“We’ve taken all the different politicians doing their normal stuff and gone to town with them. We spent quite a long time over the last year collecting phrases and stringing them into some form of incoherence,” Coldcut‘s Jonathan More told Q online of the release.

“It’s up to people to make up their minds,” More added, insisting Coldcut did not have any self-serving agenda. “We’re just pointing out how stupid and how mad the whole thing is.”