And the dance duo also announce plans to set up their own political party...

Remix pioneers COLDCUT are to release a specially recorded track to coincide with the upcoming General Election.

The duo have also announced plans to launch the Guilty Party, their own political organisation.

The track, ‘Re:Volution’, and Guilty Party manifesto will be released shortly before the election, scheduled for June 7.


‘Re:Volution’, described by the pair as a contemporary funk-punk, nose-bleed guitar samples and harsh post junglist beats, features samples of politicans including Prime Minister Tony Blair and leader of the opposition William Hague making a series of gaffes and embarrassing remarks.

“We’ve taken all the different politicians doing their normal stuff and gone to town with them. We spent quite a long time over the last year collecting phrases and stringing them into some form of incoherence,” Coldcut’s Jonathan More told Q online.

“It’s up to people to make up their minds,” Jones added, insisting Coldcut did not have any self-serving agenda. “We’re just pointing out how stupid and how mad the whole thing is.”

NME.COM understands that the single release will be marked by a huge publicity stunt outside the House Of Commons.