Technical problems force Chris Martin to perform solo during Coldplay’s Glastonbury headline set

The issues arose during 'Everglow'

Technical issues during Coldplay‘s Glastonbury headline set forced Chris Martin to play solo.

While playing ‘Everglow’, Martin halted the band to ask about an issue with his piano’s tuning.

“Wait, wait, wait, what’s going on there, man? Is that really out of tune?” he asked his bandmates. “One of us is out.

“That’s a terrible problem,” he continued. “Shall we just skip to the next song or should I just do it on my own?”

The crowd booed at the suggestion of missing the song, to which Martin responded: “OK, so having introduced the best band of my lifetime, now they’re going to leave me on my own, but we can muster through.”

He then played the rest of the song by himself, before the band were reintroduced for the next track, ‘Clocks’.