Chris Martin says Glastonbury has restored his faith in the world

"Together we can do great things"

Chris Martin took time out of Coldplay‘s headlining set at Glastonbury to comment on the unity of Glastonbury festival goers.

The band are currently playing their fourth headlining slot at the festival, opening up their set with a playback of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator speech.

After playing ‘Head Full of Dreams’ and 2000’s ‘Yellow’ Chris Martin addressed the crowd, saying Glastonbury is their “favourite place in the entire world.”


Continuing he said, “We were scared of the world before we came here but you have restored our faith in the world. Together we can do great things.”

Before embarking on a performance of ‘Everglow’, Martin praised the crowd for getting through a weekend of rain and mud. “I was walking around with my two children – Apple and Moses – and I tip my hat to you,” he said.

“You’ve got through everything this weekend. The collapse of a country and everything,” he added.