Coldplay: ‘Our flashing wristbands cost us £400,000 a night’

Band also say they're not trying to compete with Take That

Coldplay have revealed that the flashing LED wristbands used on their last tour cost the band £400,000 a night.

Guitarist Jonny Buckland told Bauer Radio that the flouro-light wristbands given to fans, which lit up during the performance, were more expensive than they bargained for:

Every night I think it’s about £400,000! It looks amazing, it just makes everyone have a great time, most of all us and it just feels so magical…Even if you don’t like our music now, I would say come to the show just to see that – wear earplugs, bring a book and when the lights come on have a look!

Buckland said that the idea for the wristbands came from a fan who had seen them at Glastonbury and approached them with his novel idea: “[He] approached our fifth member, Phil (Harvey) and said ‘I’ve got this great idea, I’ve invented these wristbands’. We said, ‘That sounds like the best idea ever, and we love it’ and we’re so grateful for it.”

Speaking of the band’s upcoming performance at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic games on September 9, Martin said: “We were so honoured to be asked, we got asked like a year ago so that’s been planned for a long time. We are really getting into the nuts and the bolts of it at the moment and it’s just such an honour to be part of.”

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