Coldplay’s Chris Martin threw singing intruder out of his garden

Frontman hassled by Coldplay-singing trespasser

Chris Martin has revealed that he was forced to throw an intruder singing Coldplay songs out of his garden.

The frontman told the Daily Mirror that he had given some singing tips to the trespasser, who had climbed over his garden wall, before asking him to leave.

He said:

I had a guy the other day who climbed over the gate of our house and started singing Coldplay songs to his friends on the street.

Martin also jokingly revealed that he’d told the man that he wasn’t singing the songs correctly, telling him: ‘”Listen, you’re just not doing that right.'”

The singer added: “He politely left. It was bordering on intrusion. Still, it’s nice that people like the songs.”

Coldplay released their fifth studio album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ in October this year. Earlier this month, Martin admitted that he thinks Lady Gaga is a better songwriter than him.

Coldplay will play a massive UK tour next summer, playing a total of seven shows at football stadiums, including three nights at Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium.

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