LED wristbands being issued at Glastonbury ahead of tonight’s Coldplay headline slot

Stewards are giving out the freebies on site ahead of tonight's set

Coldplay are preparing for their headline set at Glastonbury tonight by giving out wristbands to festival-goers.

The four-piece have taken to handing out ‘Xylobands’ – a wristband that can be controlled by a software program to make it light up or blink – since their 2012 Mylo Xyloto tour, and it appears that that interactive tradition will continue this evening.

Those intending to see Coldplay tonight have been encouraged by the festival’s Twitter account to seek stewards, who will be wearing purple tabards with the words “Coldplay wristbands for tonight” emblazoned on it, ahead of the show to receive their special wristband.

See the tweet from the festival organisers below:

Rumours are circulating that the band have invited Rihanna, who was spotted on site at the festival over the weekend, to join them for an on-stage collaboration. The singer guested on ‘Princess of China’, which featured on Coldplay’s most recent album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’, and is currently in the UK on her tour, which stopped in Coventry last night (25 June).

A source is reported to have told The Daily Star: “Rihanna plays London and Coventry over the festival weekend but there’s a Glasto-shaped gap in her schedule on the Sunday. So you never know.”