Coldplay’s Chris Martin: ‘Lady Gaga writes better songs than me’

Frontman pays tribute to pop rival's superior choruses

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin has admitted that he thinks Lady Gaga is a better songwriter than him.

In an interview with The Sun, the singer paid tribute to the ‘Born This Way’ star by insisting that she pens “better choruses” than him.

Martin, who played with Coldplay at the X Factor final yesterday evening (December 11), said of the pop phenomenon: “She’s very sweet. I think what undercuts it all, though, is that she’s talented and writes everything.”

He went on to add:

I just admire all of the hats and the dresses and the madness and everything because I know that underneath it all she can beat me at writing choruses.

Last month, Martin claimed that he’d never launch a solo career because he’d be “terrible” without his bandmates. He said: “I don’t think I could even get a gig in Butlins — and I’ve been to Butlins. I think me and my keyboard would be outside Woolworths most days, getting shouted at.”

Coldplay will play a massive UK tour next summer, playing a total of seven shows at football stadiums, including three nights at Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium.

Last week, Lady Gaga revealed that she was scared of dying like Princess Diana and had written a song inspired by the late royal icon.

The singer has also said she has chosen a name for a new album and has already started working on the LP, despite only releasing her last album ‘Born This Way’ in May this year.